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Tummy liposuction is a very popular alternative to a tummy tuck. The difference is that tummy tuck requires cutting off a portion of abdominal skin with underlying fat, which always leaves a nasty scar. For persons with massive excess of skin in abdominal area, a tummy tuck will be more beneficial. But to correct a relatively small amount of excess fat, usually left over after pregnancy, ultrasonic lipo may be the best alternative.

Usually patients who decide for tummy lipo consider some other areas to be treated during the same procedure. Hips, flanks, inner or outer thighs, lower back, buttocks – all those areas can be worked on during the same procedure. The one condition is that there is a limited amount of fat which can be removed during a single procedure.

Reason behind it is that removal of more than 5 liters of fat can be life-threateninig due to post-op complications. NOt many people realise that liposuction creates under the skin wounds which have to heal in time. Modern techniques limit the amount of bleeding with the use of right tools of certain local anaesthetics which contract small blood vessels to limit bleeding.

Patient’s body suddenly gets internally bruised and hes to cope with it. It sort of goes into a state of shock,so the more fat gets removed, the bigger shock for the body. Recovery takes time and this time also depends on the amount of changes done. As always there is a list of potential complications every patient has to understand.

Of course it will be safer to do minor corrections in a few visits. In such case the patient can continue normal life the next day. Compression garment will tighten the area where the fat has been removed and after a few days recovery will be visible as the swelling goes away.

This treatment is minimally invasive, meaning no cutting is necessary with the exception of places where cannula tools enter. This method allows to minimize the risk of infection and marks after surgery are well concealed.

Pain is another factor in considering a few surgeries versus one major do-it-in-one-go proceure. Larger extent of work will require longer recovery time. Full results will be only visible when every treated place heals, which can take up to 8 weeks.

Certain methods work better than others for specific body area, for example fat on the back may be more dense and fibrous. This is where ultrasound liposuction performs better than other methods. The end result will depend on many factors. Age of the patient is one of them as the skin in older persons gets less elastic with age.

Hhere’s where surgeon’s skills really come to play. The experience of specialist performing the procedure is crucial for long lasting success. Choosing a good cosmetic surgery clinic or a highly regarded professional can make all the difference. Ultrasound liposuction is not just about removing fatty pockets, it should be made right the first time, so no corrections are needed in the future.

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