Ultrasound Liposuction, Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction, UAL

Ultrasound liposuction procedure has been designed to quickly and efficiently remove the unnecessary fat tissue from problematic areas. Use of the ultrasound enhance the process of fat removal by causing the fat cells to break up and liquidizing the fat thus making it easier for removal. Excess fat is carefully removed from treated area to prevent forming of pockets of fluid.

Ultrasound liposuction is a very popular procedure due to the fact that it can handle all kinds of fat tissue. Whether its soft tissue of inner thighs or more fibroid fat on the back area, ultrasound liposuction technique is a tool of choice for many professionals. Of course as is the case with tools, it can only be as good as the person operation the tool.

In early days ultrasound waves could make some skin tissue damage to treated places. Modern machines are smarter and lower possibility of complications from the amount of ultrasonic impulses. THis increases atient’s safety and decreases possibility of complications.

Among treated areas there are a few typical places on which the ultrasound liposuction is performed.

  • Abdomen – is often related to post pregnancy fat residues which are hard to treat with conventional methods like diet or exercise. Lower abdomen hangs over the trousers┬áline exaggerating the problem, liposuction in this area will help restore flat tummy.
  • Buttocks – can be reshaped and visually tightened by ultrasound liposuction, shaping this area is important to create desired proportions visible from the side, additionally fat can be transferred to buttocks to create so called ‘Brazilian lift’.
  • Waist – is an important place for enhancing natural curvature visible from frontal view. Love handles are among the most stubborn fat residues, they start on sides and move to the back. Both areas should be treated to enhance the outcome.
  • Lower back- side profile can be improved dramatically by removing excess fat from lower back area, the buttocks/breasts ratio can be restored, curvature of the lower back gets enhanced.
  • Thighs – also important for the frontal view. Natural pear shape gets restored by treating the outer sides.Removing excess fat from inner thighs will allow for better movement range.





Statistical data shows that men also take advantage of this technology to improve their appearance. their concerns focus mostly around abdominal area as this is the most genetically affected area, where the fat is hard to get rid of. Male’s fat tissue is more dense than in women. Ultrasound liposuction is recommended for this type of tissue.

Men also place a lot of importance directly on the six-pack area. Abdominal muscles can be visible with enough fat removed. The surgeon can shape this area to enhance natural musculature and improve chest to waist ration by addressing the sides.

Ultrasound liposuction is frequently used on other areas as well, it can be used for very delicate operations which require higher precision. Different diameter cannulas allow for that precision and provide the surgeon with universal, tool to perform a range of procedures.

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